Tips for using the Internet wisely

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Today, Who doesn’t know the name of the Internet ?. It is undeniable that everyone must already know the Internet, starting from small children, adults, to the elderly, they already know the internet.

Everyone needs the Internet. We do have to keep up with the times, especially in a digital era like today. Now everything is completely online, from studying, shopping, even school exams are now online or internet-based. Not to mention the active trend on social media starting from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

Of the many benefits of the internet, the internet also has a bad impact on every user. Many sites are dangerous sites such as hoax news, porn sites, hate speech, fraud, and many more. To avoid this negative impact, I will provide tips for you on how to use the internet wisely :

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One thing that is certain for you to apply is to change your own mindset about the internet, sometimes many people think the internet is a great technology, it can be used anything without knowing that there are many negative impacts from the development of the internet. You try to change your mindset where you have to emphasize to yourself that the internet is to add insight, so you don’t need to access the internet for things that are not.

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This is the biggest problem of internet users today, they seem very easily provoked, especially with viral news in cyberspace, for those of you who are smart about using social media, of course, they will be critical in responding to things like this, you need to know, now even small children can once share and neutralize hoax news, this is where your attitude as an internet user is tested, don’t be easily provoked by news that appears on the internet and doesn’t make decisions or attitudes before there is a clarification from related parties about the news.

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Most children under the age of today really know what the internet is and can make good use of it, but not a few of them also take this opportunity to access things they shouldn’t. Therefore, the use of the internet for minors is very necessary for older people before they fall deeper into bad things.

For example, the information in this digital economy era can help determine study or work choices. Although there are fears of losing several jobs due to being replaced by computers, machines, or robots, there are also new opportunities for jobs that are needed in the digital age. “Knowledge and skills about data analytics, statistical data, artificial intelligence, and big data will be one of the keys in the future”.

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The act of uploading personal data is often done by some social media or internet users, as long as you know that uploading important personal data is tantamount to leaking your own confidential information, this personal data can be manipulated by people who are not responsible for things that are not true and much more. So don’t be too honest in cyberspace, especially when it comes to our own personal data.

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Sometimes when using the internet we may forget the time used because we are comfortable with the activities we do on the internet. In fact, not a few of us ignore our wasted time on internet activities, thus forgetting other more important activities. Especially when we are online on social media such as using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Line, YouTube, and so on during work hours or study hours. So, provide a schedule for you and your children to use the internet and try to stick with it, so that you and your family are not addicted to the internet.

These are my tips to protect ourselves and our families from the negative effects of using the internet. I hope it can be useful.

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