Ok guys, this time we will discuss Hack The Box, and how to get an invite code to create an account on Hack The Box by hacking the site. Come on, see the explanation below…

Hack The Box: Hacking Training For The Best | Individuals & Companies

What is Hack The Box

Hack The Box is an online platform that provides various challenges to test your skills in cybersecurity areas such as penetration testing and network security.

The challenges on the site will be updated regularly and some challenges simulate real-world scenarios. There are various levels of difficulty of the challenges that exist in the Hack The Box ranging from easy, intermediate, advanced, and much more. Hack…

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What is IP Address?

What is meant by an IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) or can be called an IP Address is an identity in the form of numbers that is used on all devices connected to computer networks that use internet protocols or rules to communicate with each other.

Functions of IP Address

The function of the IP Address is used to identify the host or device connected to the network, and to provide the location of each host, and is used to establish a path between one host and another host so that they can communicate with each other.

Well on this occasion we will set…

On this occasion, we will discuss what Telegram and WhatsApp are, the features available, and how to install Telegram and WhatsApp on the Windows desktop.

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What are Telegram and WhatsApp

Telegram is a free chat app that is worth considering with other chat apps like WhatsApp. Telegram was developed’s by Telegram Messenger LLP, which released Telegram in August 2013. Telegram also supports many devices, such as Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Ubuntu Touch, Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Just like Telegram, WhatsApp is also a free chat application that has many users. …

For those of you who may have a low spec computer or maybe only have a smartphone but want to learn programming, you can listen to the following article which discusses browser-based IDEs and compilers.

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Repl.it is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) start-up originating from San Francisco, this start-up was built by Amjad Masad, Faris Masad, and Haya Odeh in 2016.

Repl.it is a website that has useful features for novice programmers. Repl.it makes it easy for programmers to write code and run practically without installing IDE software such as VisualStudio, Sublime Text, Atom, IntelliJ IDEA, etc.

Repl.it allows programmers…

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Today, Who doesn’t know the name of the Internet ?. It is undeniable that everyone must already know the Internet, starting from small children, adults, to the elderly, they already know the internet.

Everyone needs the Internet. We do have to keep up with the times, especially in a digital era like today. Now everything is completely online, from studying, shopping, even school exams are now online or internet-based. Not to mention the active trend on social media starting from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

Of the many benefits of the internet, the internet also has a bad impact…

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